12 Reasons why you should visit the Holy Land with Pirkko & Troy this Holy Week!

  1. The Holy Week is earlier this 2018 

    Beginning at the last week of March, spend your Holy Week at the Holy Land for a pilgrimage like no other. Everything you need to travel will be covered, ensuring you get your money’s worth, and nothing to worry about except what to wear and what souvenirs to bring home.

  2. You will be travelling with Emirates 

    This multi-awarded airline gives Economy Passengers 30 kgs. of checked-in baggage, and if you want to go Business Class, you will get 50 kgs. of checked-in baggage, on top of additional comforts in airports and inside the plane. You will be departing at midnight of March 24, 2018, so you don’t have to race against time going to the airport.

  3. The group will consist of Filipinos

    Making lifelong friends is almost a guarantee, and group photos with optional printed copies at the most popular sites will be taken by professional photographers.

  4. A Carmelite Priest will join the tour

    You can ask for spiritual guidance and confess with the priest as you go around the Holy Land with him.

  5. Springtime is in full wing

    You can bring and use your winter clothes for excursions at night, while mornings are manageable enough to wear comfortable casual clothes. The weather is great for walking, as you visit Egypt, Israel as well as Jordan – and all along the way;

  6. You will see Petra

  7. You will see the Pyramids

  8. But most importantly, you will trace the footsteps of Jesus

    You will visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and other Biblical towns. From the birthplace of Jesus, until where His cross was erected, see and feel the Passion of Christ where it all happened, during one of the most important weeks in the Christian Calendar.

  9. It’s a Pilgrimage

    The Holy Week is a week of penitence to commemorate how Jesus suffered for us to bring salvation. Expect pilgrims all over the world in the most important sites, leading to long queues, but the expertise of Pirkko & Troy, as well as the local tour guide, will ensure that;

  10. You will feel blessed

    This is a unique opportunity to reflect and rediscover your faith. Let your mind and soul feel rejuvenated after your pilgrimage, and as the pilgrimage concludes;

  11. You can make a stop in Dubai after the pilgrimage

    From the Holy land, your plane will make a stopover in Dubai, and should you wish, you can spend a few days here before you head back to Manila. And once you arrive home;

  12. Spread the Good News on how you felt God’s love.

    Join the tour today! For more information, send us a message here or at travel@pirkkotroy.com

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