5 Apps To Help You Beat Waiting (at Airports, in Traffic, etc)

Whether you are weathering the traffic of Metro Manila, or waiting for boarding in an airport, or simply queuing in line for a medical appointment, we tend to run out of things to do while waiting. Sometimes we don’t mind waiting at all, especially if we are with someone else, or we are having a great conversation with a friend or a stranger. But sometimes we are left with just our smartphones, and slowly in our minds we ask ourselves, “what to do? what to do?”. Suddenly, boredom sets in. Well, we have compiled 5 best apps to keep you company during those long wait and save you from the cruelties of boredom:



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Time to catch up on world news. What’s going on in your next destination? What’s happening across the other side of the world? With a few flicks and a touch of your finger tip, you can find out the latest news. From the latest weather, what’s happening in any region in the world, technology and entertainment, you can read as many relevant content as possible to keep you amused (and informed) while stuck in traffic or waiting at the gates.



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GPS Status

These long waits are the perfect time to do routine maintenance on your phone. Just like a vehicle, your mobile phone needs to undergo regular tune up to keep it in top shape and performance. There are a lot of Android and iPhone cleaners in the play/app store, but rarely do people remember to re-calibrate their GPS and rarely do apps check if your location accurate or not. So what better time to manually calibrate the GPS in your smartphones than during these times. Download this app, open it, wait for 2 – 5 minutes, and voila! Your smartphone GPS will be accurate again.



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This app is more than just getting directions but can let you check out establishments and sight seeing spots around you. The best thing about this app is that you can access all the info you need offline. Download the app, open it and download the country (or state) you’re travelling to and that’s it! No need for roaming data services (saves you a lot of money) and no fuss and hassle of carrying an outdated paper map. It contains as much data as Google Maps without that technical difficulty of saving a map area. Only downside is that it can’t drive you through better roads during traffic (unlike Waze, which is crowd sourced), but you can download that separately. Make sure to calibrate your GPS (see app above this) to make sure you get the exact distance of the establishment or tourist spot near you.



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Get inspired while waiting, with over hundreds of thousands of bookmarked images, DIY tips and… cats! This app not only lets you bookmark your favorite images or some helpful tip images saving for later, it also lets you search for other tips and how-to’s uploaded by other users like you. It may not show you the latest fashion on the cat walk or anywhere near Victoria’s secret’s closet, but you will find helpful tips on how to rejuvenate those old clothes of yours to be perfect for your next trip. Also on Pinterest, discover fantastic travel destinations and great spots around the world, something that you can look forward to.



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eBooks (Google Play store / Wattpad)

What better way to spend downtime than reading a book? Thanks to technology and the internet, books can now be downloaded and be stored in the comfort of your smartphone. You can enjoy reading almost every genre and story ever published, and the great news is, most of them are free! You can go directly to the Google Play store’s e-book section and start downloading free books from different authors, or you can download Wattpad and get to enjoy free stories and ebooks written by published and aspiring authors.





There are other apps out there (similar to these) that can keep you company and amused while waiting. Just make sure that you’re not the one behind the wheel driving in traffic or the pilot of an aircraft, swiping the screen, grinning at the photos of cats, day dreaming about the beautiful villa you saw on Pinterest or Instagram, all while using your smartphone, diverting your attention from the task at hand. Always remember: safety first, selfie later, or something like that.

Do you have or know an app that you think that can help you kill boredom while waiting? Or an app that can help while travelling? Share them below at the comment section and we would love to hear from you.

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