5 Reasons Why Sorsogon is the Ultimate City Escape

Whether you want to get away from the fast-paced life in the city or simply have some time on your hands, people often find themselves on the road to get away from the metro to look for some fresh air.  People often go for the destinations closest to the city like the beaches in Batangas, south of Manila, or opt to go all the way up north to the waves in La Union, depending on the thrill they are looking for.

If you and your buddies can never seem to decide where to head next for your getaway, then Sorsogon might just be something new for you. Here are a couple of reasons why a Sorsogon Tour makes for the ultimate city escape:


Sorosogon boat ride

Whale Sharks/Butandings

Why travel far to to Oslob, Cebu when you can find them in Donsol, Sorsogon? This quiet town prides itself in their proper practice in whale shark interaction. Local guides have mastered the art of spotting these wild creatures from afar. As soon as they have spotted one, make sure you are ready with your snorkeling gear and be ready to jump in the waters (not on the whale sharks!) to see this gentle giant in its natural habitat. Don’t be surprised to see that it’s bigger than a bus! You can also swim alongside/on top of it – just make sure that you are wearing your fins so you can keep up.


The number of fireflies in the Buhatan River will leave you in awe and speechless.  Fireflies can only thrive in a place where there is minimial to zero pollution, which means the Bhuatan River is one of the purest and cleanest place in the world. This untouched sanctuary is where you’ll also find mangrove trees and millions of fireflies that will light up your evening cruise along the river. No artificial light necessary.


Enjoy a Sorsogon Tour for as low as P5,888 per person


Surf Camps

In Gubat, Sorsogon, you can fearlessly learn to surf like a professional, thanks to its sandy bottom. Experienced surfers enjoy the same constant waves throughout the year.

Sorsogon Island hopping

Matnug Island Hopping

While Donsol prides itself in the presence of the whale sharks, their shores aren’t quite known for having white sand beaches. Matnug, however, is more appealing to more tourists because of its clear, light blue waters and seemingly untouched pristine white sand. Island hopping typically includes Tikling Island, Subic beach, and Juag Island Fish sanctuary. Guests are allowed to swim alongside the wide variety of fish, but only at certain times. If you are not an avid diver or snorkeler, you  always enjoy them from your boat or raft, and even get a chance to buy them from the island locals.

Sneak Peek of Mt. Mayon

Mt MayonTo reach Sorsogon, be it by bus or plane, you will always pass by Legazpi city. From the airport or bus terminal, you will be greeted by the iconic and majestic Mt. Mayon. While enjoying the view, make sure you try the local delicacy, especially the sili ice cream!


The distance and the travel time is quite intimidating when traveling to Sorsogon, but all it offers are worth every kilometer that you travelled. It’s like visiting Oslob in Cebu, Anilao in Batangas, and Baler in Aurora, all in one destination!


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