8 Actors and Actresses That Would Make The Best Tour Guides

Almost every tourist spots have a guided commentary provided by either a person talking to a tour group or an audio listening device provided by the people who manage the place (like museums). Honestly, some of us would really love to take more pictures, recording a memory of the place and capture awesome selfies than actually listen to them. So we’ve come up with a list of stars, actors and actresses that we thought would make fantastic tour guides. I bet you would really actually listen to them, plus those selfies would rock your social media!



Imagine joining a Holy Land Tour and actually hearing the voice of God in every commentary. No other voice could be better than Morgan Freeman. It is even giving me the chills just by thinking about it, imagine standing in front of the Holy Sepulchre church, the Dome of the Rock, the Nativity Church in Bethlehem or even just walking along the streets of Old Jerusalem with Morgan Freeman, it would already feel like you’re actually walking with God. Not convinced yet? Watch him at National Geographic’s Story of God and prepare for a hair raising experience.




Prepare the funniest and most entertaining tour of your life if Snoop Dogg becomes your head tour guide. No tour will be boring once you hear him narrate wild life scenes with passion and filled with expression (and expletives). He would be perfect in South Africa Tours commenting on the Wild Life Safari, Penguin Island and the bustling nature Cape Town and Johannesburg. Just don’t expect the details to be accurate, but let’s give the guy a couple of years more with his Plizzanet Earth documentaries and he gets it right…I hope.



He is one of the most versatile actor on Earth, if he’s still alive today (God bless his soul), he would instantly be considered a local wherever he may provide commentary for tours. He can virtually imitate every accent (if you are still not convinced, click this video) and even keep you up to date with current events (somehow). Speaking of versatility, he can even address commentaries for children like what he did in Mrs. Doubtfire, Teenagers on a safari (Jumanji), couples (Patch Adams) and Adults. It’s so sad he’s not with us, but I don’t mind getting a commentary from his ghost when touring the Catacombs in Paris.


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from heavy.com

He’s not just big, he’s also inspirational, motivating and sweet. If he was with you, walking up the Spanish steps in Rome, he is going to make sure that you will get it to the top no matter how tired you are from walking the whole day. He will not take a No for an answer or he will give you “the eyebrows” (see gif on the right). He might be a star from “Fast and Furious” franchise but you will know that you are safe. The best part of it is that during dinner, you would literally smell “What The Rock is cooking”, if you know what I mean.





Who wouldn’t listen to an angelic face like hers, right? But what we believe is the biggest take away if Angelina becomes your tour guide, is experiencing more about the place you are going around (no, not when she brings Brad). She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, touching the temple grounds in Cambodia, embracing the local children, walking along side by side with the local people. It’s a very unique experience you might not get if you were just joining a regular tour. Learning about the history of a place, city or country is easy – just Wiki or Google it, but experiencing the current culture and lifestyle of that place, like what Angelina does, is hard to get.




Have you seen the movie “Fantastic Mr Fox”? No? Well you should, because it is hilarious! But we’re not reviewing a movie here. We’re talking about how listening to George Clooney’s voice narrate or comment on places we visit would be such a wonderful experience. Imagine walking around the Greek city of Athens or Santorini with George Clooney. It’s like living in a dream, walking with a handsome dude or sipping Greek coffee, talking about the architecture around, Greek Mythology and fantastic Mediterranean food.




If you are a fan of the TV series “Arrow”, or have watched an episode of it, you know what we’re talking about. If he would be your tour guide, who can be more courteous enough to say “My name is Oliver Queen” every time a city tour start, right? Every time you walk around and see a jay walker or a thief, you would then hear him saying to the guy “You have failed this City!”.


8. Wanda Sykes


Who can forget the wonderful Wanda Sykes? Her hilarious stand up gigs and movies will prove that, if she would do a commentary on your tour, you will surely have a great time. Even the most boring tours will light up in fire when she’s in it. Traveling US coast to coast with her will be a blast, 2 weeks will not be enough!


Do you have other actors or actresses, local or international, in mind that you think would make a great tour guide? Comment them on the section below or share them on our Facebook page. We would love to see them.

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