Best Places to Visit (After finding love this February)

GIRL: “Babe, let’s fly to Hong Kong!”     BOY: “Babe, I’m afraid of Heights”


Travelling is part of any relationship agendas, be it just dating, as a newlywed couple or finding love the second time around. Apart from bonding and fun experience, travelling is also about reconciling differences in taste, not just for food or destination preferences, but also in habit, fears and passion.


Here are some of the best places to visit for either a romantic getaway, fun and excitement, relationship growth or simply an entry in your relationship bucket list:



Where: South Korea

When: October to April


If you haven’t heard or read it yet, this is where the famous Koreanovela – Winter Sonata, was filmed. 2 Hours away from the capital – Seoul, Nami Island is one of the favourite destinations of tourists when visiting. Trees with vibrant colors, every angle and perspective of the island is a great backdrop for selfies and a great place romantics.




Where: France

When: Whole year


Paris, as they say, is the city of love. Passion runs down through every vein, street and canals. Visit the Eiffel tower, spend a lovely morning in a nearby coffee shop, enjoy French pastries and cuisine and feel as if nothing can ever go wrong.


sinaiMT. SINAI

Where: Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

When: October to April


Nothing says “I love you” more than hiking the holy mountain, Mt. Sinai. Aside from adding “pogi” points to the boy for bringing you to a holy place, the view from the top during sunrise (or sunset) is so romantic and majestic at the same time.




Where: Any cruise destination

When: Whole Year


Cruising and cruise tours are the whole shebang. It’s filled with food, drinks, parties and day tours to destinations. There’s even a gym, oval track, rock climbing wall and those athletic stuff. You name it, cruising has it. Spend a romantic dinner, enjoy a comedy show, play Jack and Rose (of the Titanic) at the top most deck, all the romantic possibilities are endless.



Make your travel plans with your special someone after reading this, because now is the best time to travel. [see: Why You Should Travel Now (and Where)]

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