Emirates business class experience

by Anna Maria Cos Alcantara

There was a time when my Dad and I were designated travel buddies – everywhere he went, I was with him. We’ve travelled to many countries where it was just the two of us, and obviously, we’ve been on board the same flights together. But there was this one trip wherein for the first time, we were on the same flight, but we were in different cabins. He got upgraded to business class in all our flights, but I sadly didn’t have enough miles to get bumped up as well. But me being Daddy’s little girl, I got to convince him to switch one of the four flights with him, and for the first time in my life, I got to experience flying the most comfortable I’ve ever been in the air for 8 hours.

To be completely honest, I sincerely debated if I wanted to spend the entire flight awake so I can fully appreciate the in-flight privileges of sitting in business class, or if I wanted to spend it asleep so I can experience having the most blissful sleep I’ll ever have mid-air. Thank God that I chose the former because I felt like that I got to make the most out of my once in a blue moon experience.

The experience began when I sat down and the stewardess immediately offered me a drink – which I gladly obliged. I literally felt like a million bucks, and it was only at that moment that I felt like I wouldn’t mind if the flight lasted longer than it should have. They already started to offer snacks and other refreshments and made sure that we were already comfortable before the plane even took off. It’s almost like they knew it was my first time to fly business class, and they made sure that it would be a memorable one.

After the plane took off, a stewardess taught me how to recline my seat and also offered extra pillows and blankets, and the added comfort and legroom ultimately challenged my decision to stay awake for the majority of the flight. But I was determined not to waste my experience and started watching a movie.

After a while, the stewardess started serving my meal. Obviously, I went for the filet mignon thinking that I can only choose one item from the menu – but apparently, we can also have other items! At this point, I truly felt like I’ve experienced it all – because all my life up until that point, I was always flying economy where meals are strictly 1:1 – so you can just imagine how pleasantly shocked I was that I can potentially get to taste test the entire business class menu. Don’t worry, my parents raised me well enough that I didn’t do that – but the potential scenario excited me.

After the meal and desserts were devoured with utmost comfort in my reclined seat, the cabin lights were turned off and again, challenged me to stay awake just to see if there was more to this. I mindlessly started playing a new movie and thought it was time to experience just how comfortable it can get in business class. I reclined my seat all the way back that I was basically laying down on a bed, and as if on queue – a stewardess comes up to my seat and offers me some chocolates and ice cream. Without even thinking, I took up her offer and thanked her. She even told me to simply press the call button if I wanted more!

At this point, there were about two and a half hours left before we land, and I officially called it a day. I thought that it was time for me to give up the challenge of staying awake the entire flight, and figured that it was time for me to take a nap to complete the entire experience. True enough, that two-hour nap ended up being the most blissful nap I’ve ever had in-flight for obvious reasons – I was fully reclined, and I didn’t have to disturb another passenger while I was at it unlike if you recline your seat in economy.

After the plane landed and I was back to reality, I promised myself that I’m gonna work really hard so that I can afford that luxury when I get older. While I definitely recommend it to everyone, I also realized that it’s not something that you’re missing out on if you don’t get to experience it. If you think about it, everyone on that plane is headed to the same destination, the only difference is how comfortable you are in reaching that place. Nevertheless, it’s a luxury that I definitely want to experience again in the future that I’m definitely going to work hard for.

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