Why Are Most Flights Still Expensive?

airline2 Regardless of our state in life, we all want to travel, visit places, experience new food and culture, and at least get to say “I’ve been there”. But sometimes what keeps us from reaching our dream destination are available time (holiday leave) and expensive airfare.

The elusive “Piso Fare” Promo seats from Cebu Pacific Air is like betting on the lottery. At certain times, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer almost the same fare on a same flight departing on the same day. So why Does a commercial airline offer free luggage allowance and in flight meals, while a budget airline can’t, on the same flight and route? What are their basis to charge such amount when they have literally hundreds of passengers each flight and the cost of oil is already low in the world market?

Below is a short YouTube clip explaining what comprises a typical airfare, with a US domestic flight as an example:

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from Wendoverprudctions YouTube channel

There you have it folks, that is what comprises of your airline ticket and why some destinations are expensive to fly to. The same principles in the US also applies here in the Philippines. If you have checked flights to Cebu. Comparing both domestic carriers, they are relatively cheaper since they offer more flights per day and there are more players flying to Cebu, other than the two. But take a look at the airfare prices for Bohol – They are much more expensive than Cebu, yet geographically they are just close to each other. There are only 2 flights per day at the average per carrier and there is not much competition and traffic there.

Now you know how much you are really paying the next time you fly, or plan for the next trip. Hopefully this will help you decide which destination to visit next, based on your budget.


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