How To Get A Visa

When travelling to countries like the USA and Europe, it is always a Filipino’s dilemma on how to get a visa. It is worrisome and time consuming for some. Despite the preparations and the amount of money invested in applying for a visa, results are sometimes depressing and frustrating.


To help you know more about how to get a visa without breaking a sweat, let’s check exactly what you need to get a visa to almost any visa application?




Every application requires you to have a valid passport, that means it should be valid for at least 6 months prior to your departure. This is your ticket and identification to the world. Without one, you can’t even travel to countries that don’t need visa. When sending your application, you must include your passports, old and new.

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Make sure to check the list of requirements and complete them up to the last letter. If not, at least anything that is applicable to you that you have. A lot of visa denials are due to insufficient documents, so it is best to ensure that you all have what you need before making an appointment or scheduling your visa application.



First time travelers are usually the ones that get denied almost instantly because of lack of travel history. Travel to other places outside the country first, think of it as an investment while having fun. It may cost you a bit now but it will help you reduce the worries in the future.


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Sometimes we let our worry show on our face that during interviews and application, it seems that we have something to hide, when in fact we have given everything we’ve got into our visa application. Always be confident in answering visa questions and interviews, it helps a lot in landing that tourist visa you have been dreaming of.


Thanks to technology and the advancements of communications today, information are now readily available online and assistance is just a matter of a few buttons. be informed, be aware and be confident.

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