Immigration 101

by Anna Maria Cos Alcantara

After all the stress involved in planning your travel, your final challenge before you get to your dream destination will be the immigration. Growing up, my parents prepared me for immigration just the same as they would prepare me for an embassy interview. Here are some tips on how to ace your final hurdle –

1. Dress smart. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable on the flight –just don’t look sloppy. Some seasoned travelers can afford to do so since their passport can speak on their behalf, but if it’s your first time, make sure that you dress well.

2. Bring a pen. You’re gonna need it when you fill up the departure or arrival card.

3. Keep all of your documents close to you, and make sure that they’re complete. You’ll never know if the immigration officer will ask for your itinerary, or some sort of affidavit that you’re supposed to present.

4. Do them a favor and take out your passport holder. Also, don’t bring your old passport with you to the airport unless your valid visa is in it. Otherwise, there’s no need to impress the immigration officer of how many stamps you’ve collected.

5. Answer truthfully, and be confident. Think of it as a refresher of your embassy interview – you’re most likely to get asked about the purpose of your travel, who you’re travelling with, when you’re flying back, etc. Make sure that you’re prepared to answer any and all of their questions without hesitating!

6. Don’t take too long in answering their questions as well. Keep your answers short but sweet.

Remember, this is the last hurdle before you embark on your big trip. Don’t let this fall through the cracks by coming unprepared. After this step, you will finally get to reap the fruit of all your efforts.

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