Local Nightlife Scene

by Anna Maria Cos Alcantara

There are a lot of ways to unwind. Some people unwind by going out of town, some choose to stay at home and simply relax, while some others like to unwind by going out for a couple of drinks. While one’s choice is not always strictly just one of the above, there’s nothing wrong with any of those ways to get your mind off of work – especially if you’re an extrovert type that likes to be around other people.

In Manila, the nightlife scene is actually very diverse and is actually one of the reasons why foreigners also have an affinity towards the Philippines. There’s literally a place in here for everyone – whether you’re looking for loud or relaxing music, even if you’re in a situation where you want to go out but you’re on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for big super clubs that can give you the VIP experience, with sprinklers to match your champagne bottles, then super clubs like Cove or Xylo might be the one for you. Cove is located inside Okada Manila, in Paranaque, while Xylo is located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Both super clubs are known to always have international DJs playing almost every weekend, and it’s perfect for those that want that premium night life experience.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed night out with some good beers and with Top 20 hits playing on the stereo, then bars like Tomato Kick in Malingap, Quezon City, or Rue Bourbon in Tomas Morato might be the one for you. In these types of bars, you’ll surely have a great time chatting with your friends while enjoying their drink selection, as well as their bar chow. Not to mention that these types of bars won’t hurt your wallet that much!

If you’re looking for even cheaper beer and possibly a live band to accompany it, then CubaoEx is the one for you. This little compound is located at the heart of Cubao, where you can find little bars and restaurants inside it. Don’t be fooled by its location and slightly dimmed lighting – you’ll always find great up and coming local artists showcasing their talents here, as well as some well-kept flavored beers in stock in the bars.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit of everything I’ve mentioned above – good drinks that don’t hurt the bank too much, and music that’s a little bit of everything – then Poblacion in Makati might be the one for you. There’s a lot of bars that are right beside each other, and you can surely find a little bit of everything there. You can find a bar that plays loud music, or one that plays acoustic, or even one that simply has the radio on. This area is probably the most diverse out of all the nightlife scenes across Metro Manila, and it also has a very diverse following. You’ll literally find people of all ages enjoying every single part of it!

Knowing the local nightlife scene is not only great for when you want to have different choices for a night out with friends, but it’s also a nice way to give your balikbayan friends and family some options when you take them out. Just know that for every style and for every budget, you’ll surely find a nice place to unwind.

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