How to Prepare for Embassy Interviews

by Anna Maria Cos Alcantara

You can have all the necessary documents to support your travel, but I think that it’s equally important to prepare for the interview as well. Here are some tips that my parents have passed along to me that can help you prepare –

  1. Do your research. Different embassies have different requirements, so prepare accordingly. Make sure that you are familiar with all the supporting documents that you’re about to submit to the embassy, and most importantly make sure that you have completed all the said requirements. This is not the time to forget
    documents at home or in your office. Remember – it’s better to present as much supporting documents as you can. Don’t settle on this one.
  2. Study your documents. Memorize your itinerary, your flight dates, prepare to get asked about where your money’s coming from. I’ve heard countless stories about how people were denied of a visa simply because they didn’t know how to answer the consul’s questions without a cheat sheet.
  3.  Be confident and express your thoughts clearly. Confidence can go a long way during your embassy interview. Don’t put your efforts in arranging and studying your supporting documents to waste by not having the conviction come your interview date. At the same time, remember that the consul is also just a human being like you.
  4.  Dress appropriately. I’m not saying that you should come in a suit and tie, but it pays to dress the part like you deserve to be granted a visa.
  5.  Be polite. No matter how long you’ve been waiting in line, or no matter what inconvenience you may encounter in the embassy, remember to keep your cool and do not cause a scene. Remember to always put your best foot forward, not just in the face of the consul.

To be quite honest, it’s not that complicated to ace an embassy interview if you come prepared. Think of it as like it’s your thesis defense – you need to put in the effort and confidence to defend that you deserve that visa.
Good luck!

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