Growing up, my family would stay in different resorts and hotels, sometimes not that far from our actual home – and I never understood why. Sure, our family business is in the travel industry so we should know what’s good in the local scene, but sometimes it just didn’t make sense to me why we’d spend a weekend in a hotel that’s not even outside the metro.

Apparently, all along, we’ve been doing what’s now called a “staycation” – meaning you simply just stay in a hotel and call it a vacation already. I didn’t understand it back then until now that I started working, where I look forward to time where I can afford to do nothing, instead of always chasing after things to do. I never thought I’d see the day that a staycation would sound like a dream.

A staycation has all the features of a typical vacation – you’re outside of your home, you’re sleeping on another (typically more comfortable) bed, there’s probably a pool within the vicinity, and your meals are being prepared by someone else. It’s a great way to deceive yourself that you’re in a distant city, even if it just might be just another city away from your actual home.

For me, staycations are actually underrated, and that people should do it more often. It’s a great way to unwind without actually leaving the city, a great way to experience the different hotels that’s not to far from home, and a nice way to mix up your weekend that you typically would just spend at home.

Sure, it’s still going to cost you some money, but it’s almost necessary that everyone takes a break every once in a while. It’s important to find that work-life balance and breathe some fresh air – even if it’s just the air that circulates around your chosen hotel. I think that people have this idea that vacations have to take place in a place that’s miles away but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you think about it, you’re actually saving the money you would’ve spent on a plane or a bus to get to a distant city.

Going on staycations is also a great way to filter out hotels so you can give your own recommendations to your friends that are coming in Manila. For example, I personally would recommend the Manila Peninsula Hotel if you’re looking to have that authentic 5-star hotel feel. For those with little kids, I think that they’d enjoy the likes of Solaire or the Conrad, where the hotel is close to other tourist attractions that kids can enjoy.

Other personal recommendations would go to Marco Polo Oritgas, definitely one of the nicest hotels in the Ortigas Business District. But if you happen to have a friend that’s looking for a great hotel with a great buffet restaurant, I’d suggest the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. For me, Heat definitely is one of the best hotel buffet restaurants there is in Metro Manila that’s definitely worth your money. Not to mention that the hotel is also a great 4-star hotel!

Not everyone can appreciate a staycation, especially if they want to physically extract themselves from the busy metro, but if you’re someone that simply wants to enjoy and treat themselves, then a staycation might just be the perfect vacation variant for you.

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