Summer Travel Tips


Summer in the Philippines is fast approaching. Time for family outings, family trips, team building activities and other travel plans. Don’t get too much excited just yet, whether you are joining or organizing a trip, these few planning tips can help you in more ways:


WaitingGet the right clothes

You don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed for any occassion, so it is best to learn more about the weather in your city destination. Since it is summer in most of the northern hemisphere, it is best to wear light clothing, specially if you are going to the beach, taking a cruise or taking a walking tour. Don’t forget to pack 1 formal attire if you are joining a cruise (for the Captain’s night) or if you will have an opportunity to visit the opera.


If you’re travelling somewhere down south (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or South America), either Autumn/Fall is in full swing or Winter is just about to start there, so you need to pack some sweaters or a heavy jacket.


It is always fun to enjoy the sun, get some vitamin D and perhaps a good bronze tan, but make sure your skin is always protected from the sun’s UV rays. Bring along a good sunscreen with substantial amount of SPF. The glaring sun can be harsh on your eyes as well, so bring along a good pair of sunglasses. Hats are also good in protecting your face and body, which is also stylish wherever you go.

Photocopy of your travel documents

It is always a best practice to keep a photocopy of your documents when travelling. This would include IDs, passports and visas (if travelling overseas), travel insurance and vouchers. In case you lose the original copies (or your phone ran out of battery), you still have copies somewhere with you.

Plan ahead of time

Sudden trips or excursions are exciting, but nothing beats an adventure that is well planned. Make sure to make reservations months ahead of time to ensure availability of accommodations and trip confirmation. You get the best deals as well, compared to walk-in rates. But if you have no time to make plans, we have guaranteed tour departures to Europe and the rest of the globe. You can start in any part of the tour, extend nights and

manKeep yourself hydrated at all time

Temperatures are rising and the air gets warmer and warmer in this time of the year. Your body would be losing faster than you think, so always keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. What makes you dehydrated is the dry weather, and it doesn’t always mean that it is hot. Sometimes there are places and cities that have a cool breeze but humidity is low and very dry. Bring along a good lip balm to prevent your lips from cracking.


A lot of tours in summer involve a lot of walking, like going around Europe, or probably climbing some steps in Cambodia and Vietnam, and even with our Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia. Getting some exercise will prepare your body for these activities. You can start with some 30 minute walks, jogging around the block or climbing some flights of stairs, it doesn’t really have to be that heavy and you really don’t need to subscribe to a gym membership.

musicHave more fun!

This is the season for adventure, exciting destinations, fantastic entertainment and beach parties. Enjoy every opportunity you get for each destination, like getting that Santorini optional tour in a Greek Isles Cruise, experiencing an authentic Japanese dinner in Tokyo, or try surfing and firefly watching in Sorsogon.


Now that everything is all set, you can start smelling the warm beach air, stroll along your favorite airport’s duty free or ride along your next adventure. Always keep in mind that this is a peak season for Filipino tourist, where there will be heavy traffic going out of Manila (or the Philippines for that matter). The queue in the airport might be longer and the sites might be packed with tourists. But hey, this is also the best time to meet new people, get acquainted with fellow tourists from all over the world and get to enjoy fantastic experiences.

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