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Cruising is definitely one of the more underrated ways to travel, as some people are still on the mindset that it is boring or that it caters more to the older population. Cruise ships nowadays are state-of-the-art and so much more modern, as it is designed to make you feel like you’re on a resort rather than a ship, that so happens to take you to a different city every morning.  Here are a couple of reasons why going on a cruise is actually one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation:


Boredom is never a problem

If you ever find yourself getting bored while on a cruise, then you’re definitely doing it wrong. There is no such thing as lag time on a cruise ship’s dictionary. Royal Caribbean, for example, has a daily program list called Cruise Compass that provides information like scheduled shows and parades, open tournaments for table tennis, basketball and mini golf, schedules of instructors for rock climbing, ice skating and the surfing simulator, to name a few. There’s even a separate Cruise Compass specially designed for kids and teenagers! You will literally have no problem looking for something to do because there is always something for everyone on board. On the other hand, if you want to have a more laidback day, you can also opt to take a dip in one of the many swimming pools or unwind in the spa. There’s also a jogging track on the top deck and a gym if you don’t want to miss out on your fitness regime. Then at night, you can enjoy the bars and lounges on board to grab a couple of drinks or join in on the different dance parties or karaoke nights or find your way to the casino for some games.


Unlimited Food

Unless you have the strongest willpower known to man, you will definitely find yourself breaking your diet when you join a cruise. All the meals are for free – except the ones served in the specialty restaurants – and they are available around the clock. Too lazy to get up in the morning to get up for breakfast? You can request for room service so you can enjoy your breakfast in bed. Looking for some snacks? You can grab some along the Café Promenade or even in the pool deck where you can find hot dogs and ice cream. Feeling fancy for dinner? You might just find that the Dining Room will be serving some delicious lamb chops for dinner that evening. Feeling homesick and craving for a certain dish from your homeland? You can actually request the kitchen staff to whip it up just for you. There’s always a great variety of food onboard throughout the voyage that is carefully crafted by the kitchen staff to make sure that they cater to all the passengers’ food preferences.


Themed events

Part of every cruise experience is attending the themed events, like Captain’s Night. During Captain’s Night, guests have the opportunity to dress to the nines in this cocktail event where a program is held in the promenade to introduce and acknowledge the Captain, Head Chef, Cruise Program Director, among others. Kids on the other hand, can enjoy the DreamWorks parades and meet-and-greets, and they can even enjoy the DreamWorks breakfast where they get a chance to hang out with their favorite DreamWorks characters.


No time wasted

One of the more amazing things about cruising is that you can enjoy all the onboard amenities and events or spend the day on a shore excursion, go to bed, and wake up in a different city the next day. It certainly feels like not one moment of your vacation is wasted when you’re on a cruise. It is definitely recommended that you go on a shore excursion so you get a chance to see the city where the ship has docked, and you will find that there are a variety of options where you can choose where to go or how you want to spend the day in that city. These shore excursions include an air-conditioned bus, water, and a tour guide that also makes sure that the group gets back to the ship in time before it starts to sail.


Going on a cruise is definitely something that everyone should experience. Whether you’re cruising with family or friends, there’s always something for each and every person to enjoy on the seven seas.


About The Writer

Anna is a 20-year old undergraduate student who aims to visit every region in the Philippines and to travel to as many countries as she can while chasing her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  

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