The Best Package Tour

The best Package tour could be the total combination of “Piso” or promo airfare, cheap 3 star hotel at the heart of the center, van or car service transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, on time departure and arrival of the airplane, sightseeing tours without the compulsory shopping at a jewelry store where you need to buy at least “something” at the end of the day, no unruly, rowdy co-tourist in the group and no fear of being left behind because you needed to haggle with that luxurious wrist watch you solely came to that country for. Sadly, they are rare and chances of booking for one is like betting on the lottery.
Super budget tours“, as we sometimes call it, contains a lot of fine lines, so fine that you will need a magnifying glass to see them. Tours that if you don’t wish to join, you still need to pay for it. Tours that include mandatory shopping. Non-refundable, non-rebookable and non-transferable plane tickets and hotel accommodations. It’s almost that they just want to get money from you, no matter how small it is. If you have joined or also noticed that these tours have the bus fully loaded with passengers.




The reason behind why these super budget tours are so cheap is because they would only earn from commissions on the store you will visit, or fill up the bus with so many passengers up to the door, or hope to sell other seats or accommodations for an outrageous amount, or require you to provide huge tips you are now initially aware of. These tours are rampant in tours to Hong Kong and China, with some in Singapore and Thailand. If you are the type who is ok with this, then go right ahead and book the tour.



Creating your own tour package is the most ideal way to get the best, without hurting your wallet. It may not be as cheap, but it will be as memorable and more enjoying. Plan ahead, book as early as 6 months prior to departure. It will also give you more time to save for the trip. If you are joining a group tour, ask your travel agent how many will be joining from them AND how many will be joining them once they get there (seat in coach tours will have multi-national passengers travelling at the same time). Most of all, get a clear detail from your travel agent what are the things included and not included in the tour.


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Travel wise, don’t compromise quality over the money you thought you could save. In the end, you’ll have more regrets than souvenirs when you get back home.

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