This Week on Travel: Visas, Travel Safety and Destinations

The Holy week has just ended and most Filipino travelers are now back to their offices, working, and probably hunting for their next travel destinations. Many news and rumors have been spreading all over the internet, and some do pass as authentic and credible, but some are hoax and come out as a very bad joke. Some are good news, while some are bad news. Let’s pick up the pieces of what is in store for travel this week.



It has been the talk in social media (specially on Facebook), but given the source, it is far from real. This is a hoax, given that it was posted on a satirical website. Even though the survey shows that Filipinos have the most favorable view of the USA compared to other countries, it won’t necessarily mean that the US will lift their visa policies right away. As a good suggestion and practice, always check with the governing body’s website or office to ensure that the information is correct. If you need assistance for US Tourist visa application, check out this blog.


VISA FREE TRAVEL TO JAPAN updated (April 29, 2014)!

(Note: 23Apr14 – We have called the Embassy of Japan in Manila and the visa officers have not received any formal notice or memo regarding this matter. At the moment, all Philippine passport holders traveling to Japan still needs a visa)

The Prime Minister of Japan is targeting to receive 20 million tourists by 2020, also in preparation for their hosting the World Olympics. There has been circulating news (not just in Facebook but also from local and “reputable” newspaper agencies in Manila) that Japan is lifting the need for visa to enter their country for Philippine Passport holders. There has been talks and the application by the Philippine government (through related agencies/embassies) has been sentalmost yearly. As of this update and press release, visa is still required for Philippine Passport holders.

FACT: Japan has opened multiple-entry Visas to nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia and Viet Nam.

despite the confusing matter, on their press release, Japan has opened multiple-entry Visas to nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Aside from relaxing visa requirements, visa applicants can now apply for multiple entry for their convenience.

You can start making your plans for your Japan trips! Fly from Manila to Tokyo using Philippine Airlines, Delta Airlines, All Nippon Airways or Cebu Pacific. Take a cruise from Tokyo’s port city of Yokohama. Ride the bullet train. All these and more! So call your favorite travel agent today!



MH370 is still without a trace and the capsized ferry in Sewol is now underwater, but despite all these, traveling the world is still relatively safe. Airlines, even with their strict safety measures, are adding more safety regulations more than ever, with plans of adding CCTV cameras on the flight deck, and adding protocols that pilots cannot be always alone in the flight deck. Cruises have always been safe, even with mishaps, they are not as deadly as airline accidents. Nevertheless, being prepared is the key to every passenger’s safety. Always listen to the safety videos and presentations done on board the aircraft or ship. Always keep in mind where is the nearest life vest and life raft. Always carry your own first-aid kit. Most of all, always travel with a travel insurance. Yes, it costs you some money and most of the time you don’t use it (which is good, hopefully it keeps that way), but you will never know when you will need it.

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