Top 10 Best Airlines in The World 2015

Are you traveling with one of the world’s best? or at least traveling with the best of what your money can buy? You better be, because if you are flying between 10,000 – 32,000 feet, it’s just you, a few other passengers, and the airplane.

Searching for the best airlines in the world is now easy and dependable, with Skytrax’s yearly passenger satisfaction survey (since 1999) and with over 18 million respondents worldwide, this list cannot go wrong. With extensive methodologies (see full methodologies they use here) measuring satisfaction ratings for services like airline website, waiting time at check-in, Meal choices, Meal service efficiency, to name a few, Sytrax’s respondents have combed every airline in the world up to the last inch.

Our national carrier, Philippine Airlines, may not be on the league of elites (ranked # 87 from # 93 last year) but we are happy that they made it in the top 100 list.

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airplane-749539_640#10 Qantas Airways

from #11 – 2014


The flag carrier from the land down under. Departing Manila every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays, this airline is your direct flight to Sydney. No time to get bored because with this airline, you get individual in-flight entertainment on most flights, provide meals and the staff are fantastic!



Eva_Air_Logo-small#9 Eva Air

from #12 – 2014


Pronounced as E-V-A Airlines, this is one of the top choices (one of the cheapest on some or most time of the year) of our kababayans going to US East coast. With Taipei as its hub and then connecting you to other key destinations all over the world, it is just right that this airline is at the number 9 spot. They are also famous for the Hello Kitty airplane, who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Flying from Manila to Taipei and the rest of the world once daily.



Garuda Indonesia_Vertical#8 Garuda Indonesia

from #7 – 2014


Indonesia’s Flag carrier beats our own in terms of customer satisfaction mostly because they have focused their services within their country, providing the best flight experience for Indonesians and tourists. They do code share flights with other airlines so if you want to fly to Bali, you can fly via PAL first (Manila to Jakarta) and then Garuda for the Jakarta to Bali.



boeing-747-876097_640#7 ANA All Nippon Airways

from #6 – 2014


This airline used to join the race with Japan Airlines, PAL, and Delta Airlines for direct flights to Narita, Japan. Now, they operate offline (similar with # 8), flying to Hong Kong first with a code share airline (Cathay Pacific) before flying with an actual ANA aircraft.



etihad-airways-867759_640#6 Etihad Airways

from #9 – 2014


One of the most preferred Middle East carriers by a lot passengers in the world, Etihad offers first class convenience from boarding to arrival, even if you are seated on economy! With almost a hundred connections to key cities worldwide, even to New York. Our OFW kababayans who have saved up would love to fly with Etihad. Flying out of Manila 2 – 3 times daily to its city hub – Abu Dhabi.



emirates-867767_640#5 Emirates

from #4 (2014)


Emirates is one of the first airlines to fly Airbus A380 commercially. Another one of the most preferred Middle East carriers by most passengers, but what gives Emirates extra special is its airport hub – Dubai! Connecting you to hundreds of cities to all continents. This airline is one of our personal favorites, most of our group tours fly with them and we have always have the best of service. This airlines offers the biggest leg space compared to other airline, even if you are on economy class. Truly unremarkable and fantastic, we here in our office wonder why it’s in #5 (we always feel it is #1, although it will be really weird to fly to Dubai first before going to Hong Kong). Flies to Dubai twice daily from Manila.



aircraft-112652_640#4 Turkish Airlines

from #5 (2014)


All though established in 1933, this is a new player in the Philippine travel market. Flying from Manila to Istanbul once every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays, sending you to the heart of Turkey and rest of Europe.



boeing-747-884429_640#3 Cathay Pacific Airways

from #1 (2014)


We have been scratching our head for a long time already, thinking why Cathay Pacific slid down to #3. It could be that the airlines above her have improved their services beyond Cathay Pacific’s. But still, your Manila to Hong Kong will never be the same if you fly any other airline than Cathay Pacific. Aside from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is another personal favorite of our Kababayans going to US for it’s almost direct flight and fantastic in-flight entertainment and menu. Flies to Hong Kong 7 times daily from Manila and connecting you to the rest of the world.



boeing-747-867516_640#2 Singapore Airlines

from #3 (2014)


Our kababayan’s favorite airline to Europe, Central Asia and Australia. Another airline that is in constant debate with #3 on who is the best airline. You will hardly miss their stewardess’ uniform, you know it’s SQ by just a glimpse of the fabric. Numerous reviews have stated that, aside from the airline’s competitive rates, the service is triple A! I’m pretty sure their flight manager and his/her crew are always on their toes to provide unremarkable customer service.  Flies to Singapore 4 times daily from Manila.



qatar-airways-867778_640#1 Qatar Airways

from #2 (2014)


Qatar Airways has always been in this league for years, much more now that its airport hub – Doha, has been renovated to perfection. No airline boast 5 star dining like Qatar Airways. Competitive fares, modern aircraft and modern styled airport hub, fantastic meals, and most of all – more centrally located than other Middle East carrier hubs if you are travelling to Europe or USA. We think Doha airport helped make Qatar Airways #1. Flying twice daily to Doha from Manila.



Check out the rest of the list here


Do you have any airline experience with any of the ones mentioned on the list? Do you think an airline not listed should be considered by SkyTrax? Share them below at the comment section.

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