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Of Siblings and Train Rides

  I spent the summer with my brother in Holland where we stayed with a close family friend in Hoofdorp, just a few towns away from Amsterdam.  During that summer we made some friends...


Holy Week in Japan

(Manila, Philippines – June 20, 2016 – by Anna Alcantara) Once in a while, our busy family gets to have the luxury of travelling abroad all together. This year, we chanced upon the Osaka...


6 Travel Dreams We Wish Were True

  After reading CNN Travel’s 17 Travel Inventions we need right now, we’ve thought about other things that would be very nice for every tourist to experience. Since travel and tourism has evolved almost as...


Baler, Aurora

THE SURFING CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES Baler, Aurora,  is known as the surfing destination of the Philippines, but there is more things to do and visit in Baler because of its rich history. On our...