The Types of Filipino Airline Passengers

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We have put up a list of the types of Filipino airline passengers based on our observation and research. Some or most are based on our experiences and some are stories shared by our clients and friends. There have been lists of types of passengers but so far (to best of our knowledge), non has ever put up a list for Filipinos.


travel-823299_12801. The Perfect Passengers

These are the ladies and gentlemen who just sits at their boarding gates or a nearby restaurant, waiting for their section to be called and promptly queues once they hear their row called. Most of them are frequent flyers and some are just introverts, minding their own world, trying to have less incidents outside their comfort zone. They have the perfect sized luggage and carry-ons and they have little to moderate interaction with other passengers and flight crew. They are sometimes the last ones to board to give way to other types of passengers, and sometimes the ones who would give a helping hand lifting that luggage to the overhead compartment.



airport-731196_6402. The Speedsters

These are the people who queues in and boards the plane first, event if they are not flying on first class or business class, and even if they are not disabled or with a disabled person or children. They are afraid that the seats might run out (even if they already have their own seat number printed on their boarding pass) and they are afraid that the space in the overhead compartment might run out (because of their oversized carry on bags). They also disembark fast, even if the plane is just taxi-ing on the runway towards the airport. When the captain reminds them to stay on their seats and keep their seat belts buckled, the more they start unfastening their safety belts and unloading their carry on luggage from the overhead bin. Given the chance, they would jump outside the window and go straight to the conveyor belts for their luggage just for the sake that they leave the airport early.


baggage-hall-775540_6403. The OFWs

One way the BI (Philippine Bureau of Imigration) profile us (because some do not like the term – stereotyping) is by the way we dress when travelling. Most of them clad in maong (denim) jackets with maong pants, and sometimes wearing boots (even if they are just flying to Hong Kong). Some of them don’t have a check-in luggage and would only carry a backpack or a duffel bag riddled with pockets for easy access to about everything that they need. You could see some of them at the boarding gates still talking to their relatives with a hint of a tear on their eyes, and sometimes that conversation continues until they have boarded the plane already. These passengers deserve a pat on the back (or a hug), and a little advice on fashion so they won’t get targeted with the recent “laglag bala” scheme in our airports.


4. The Couch Surfers

These are the passengers who never left their living room. You could see some of them on the seats near their boarding gates, legs raised on top of a table or their own bag, some dozing off with their mouth open and some even streaming and watching a video with their smartphone. Once on board, you can see them trying to adjust their legs and feet as far deep under the seat of the passenger at front of them. Some of them occasionally raise their legs on the seat or on the arm rest in between the seats in front of them, and some “accidentally” kicks the seat. Their comfort and relaxation is their utmost priority.


airport-923970_6405. The Techy/Geek Camp

They are the people who gather around power outlets and wifi routers and some of them are teenagers. They are either updating their Facebook status, uploading photos (even if they are just about to depart for a trip), or checking on their feed, all while charging their phones and laptops because they were busy checking Facebook all night and along the way to the airport. They are sometimes the last ones to board, together with the groups from number 1 on this list, because they want to get as much juice for their batteries as possible because as soon as they board, they have to take a selfie and upload it to Facebook or Instagram, or start a “one last” attack in Clash of Clans before they depart.


pair-624071_6406. The Pee Body

These are the people who have bladder issues. Age is not a factor to these group, young and old, you will notice them at the boarding gates and inside the aircraft. They are the ones who go straight to the comfort rooms instead of the boarding queue once their row has been called. They will queue for the comfort room a minimum of 3 times on board and one last when the aircraft is on its final descent for landing. If you are flying with any of this kind of passenger type, let them go ahead of you, lest those liquids drain somewhere else in the plane.


There are other types of airline passengers, thankfully they don’t fit any typical Filipino passenger. Do you know a certain group type of Filipino travelers not mentioned above? Share it below at the comments section.


Writer’s disclaimer: This list is meant to be enjoyed, be entertained with, and somehow be informed. They are opinions based on observations. The list names are not factual but the descriptions are observable characteristics seen during our experiences when travelling. If you think that you happen to be one of the passengers listed and quite offended (I wonder who would be offended with being one of the perfect passengers), then we would like you to consider re-reading the whole article and this disclaimer.

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