Visa Priority List

One of the big travel hacks that my parents taught us is that getting the big visas will get easier, if you win the small victories from other embassies first. Not to say that having a Schengen visa is the equivalent of having a gold medal around your neck – it’s simply that different embassies have varying difficulty levels in acquiring a visa.
Think of it as a game – after you’ve completed the beginner stage, you’ll be more qualified for the advanced stage, and so on. Here’s some recommendations on how to level up your passport game –

  1.  Beef up your passport and keep traveling to countries that do not require a visa. Consuls will see it as a sign that you’re well-traveled.
  2. Apply for a Japan visa. This is one of the easiest to acquire – you’ll only have to send the requirements to an accredited travel agency and pay the visa fee. But just because this only involves two steps, doesn’t mean that you have room to slack off. Make sure that your documents are complete and that your bank account has sufficient funds.

After you’ve collected your passport stamps, you will surely increase your chances for the following visas. 

  1. Schengen visa. I’ve personally applied for this visa three times in my life (luckily never got denied!) and the amount of preparation I did for all three interviews were pretty intense. It’s important to show all necessary documents and be ready to answer the consul’s questions about them without hesitation and with
    confidence. It’s also very important to prove to them that you’re returning to the country.
  2.  USA. I’ve heard many stories about getting that coveted USA visa, and if there’sone thing they all have in common, is that your approval will all boil down to how well you can carry yourself during the interview with the consul. Make sure that you’re more than ready for a little chit-chat because your face value and your bank statement can instantly grant you the visa.

One day the Philippine passport will rank higher, but until then, it pays to be smart and not to let your wanderlust get the best of you. Save yourself from getting rejected by the embassy and be smart about your big travel moves!

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