What To Expect When Joining Group Tours

What can you expect from a group tour?

  • You travel as a team so PUNCTUALITY is a must.
  • The decision of the majority will be honored.
  • If you have concerns, go directly to your tour leader or tour guide
  • You will be meeting different people with different personalities what suits you might not for them
  • Group tours are usually time constraint depending on the number of people in the group. The bigger the group, the slower you will get and thus the guide might rush you on some sites so that you can cover everything on your itinerary.
  • We strongly recommend that you listen to the tour guide’s explanation on specific sites before taking your photos. Some could not wait to take photos and in the end will ask questions on the guide about the site which the guide already explained earlier thus causing you and the group more delay. You will always be given time to take photos.
  • Always inform your tour leader or tour guide if you’re breaking with the group.

What is included in a Group Travel tour with Pirkko & Troy Tours?
The complete ‘land package’ which includes;

  • Hotel
    Daily Breakfast & Dinner
    Tournament Fees
  • All accommodation and lodging overseas
  • Breakfast at all accommodation sites
  • All transportation overseas
  • All tournament participation fees
  • Full time multi-lingual guide for your tour
  • Extensive pre trip assistance including registration & information dissemination
  • Planned excursions and sightseeing trips to local points of interest
  • Admission fees on sites
  • Airfare

What is not included?

  • Travel costs to and from your gateway city
  • Spending money
  • Passport & Visa fees
  • Any necessary medical fees
  • Lunch

Tour Planning Advice

  • Start Planning Early!  Contact us immediately. Pirkko & troy Tours will help you every step of the way!
  • Select Your ‘Tour Organizer’: This person should have the time and skills needed to communicate and work with everyone quickly and efficiently – usually via email.It might also be useful to create a small, dynamic ‘Tour Organization Team’ who can help cover all aspects of preparation.
  • Tell us about Your travel intentions:  The more information we have the better we can help customize the best possible tour for you.
  • Identify the Best Tour for You:
    Dates, Maximum Budget, Tour Options, Tour Goals
    Check on school vacation dates, season game schedules
    Spring, Summer and Winter Tours are available

Customize Your Tour:
Once you’ve identified your basic requirements we’ll help     you customize the best possible tour for your family and friends, you can ask about optional tours and added tours.

Finalize Your Tour ‘Booking Agreement’:
We’ll help you make sure every aspect of your tour is exactly as you want it. Includes a summary of all costs, payment schedules. Make sure everyone understand the procedures and expectations prior to tour departure – especially costs.

Useful Planning Timelines:

8 months before departure:
Passport pictures
Passport applications if needed

6 months before departure:
Immunization procedures (if needed)
Check payment schedule

3 months before departure:
Inquire about your mobile network provider about roaming services and their charges. Better tell which country you’re going so they can advise you if they have partners with those countries or none.

2 months before departure:
Purchase any necessary clothing, camera, electrical adaptors / convertors, luggage tags

Prior to Departure:
Finalize your packing list…remember you have to carry everything yourself (don’t expect that porters are everywhere). Don’t pack anything you don’t need.

Where can you book a group tour from the Philippines to international destinations?

Pirkko & Troy Tours, Inc can provide you with whatever travel needs you have.

  • To get the best value for your money, research on the Travel Agency you’re dealing with. Better yet ask recommendations from your friends who’ve had past travels with your local travel agency.
  • Personal service. Make sure that your travel agent knows what your travel intentions are and that you also listen to your travel agent’s advises.
  • Experience. Make sure that your local travel agent has the experience to handle immigration and travel issues.
  • Competitive prices
  • No hidden fees
  • We’re a family owned travel agency and we send family members to go with our groups to personally handle issues that may come your way.
  • Pre tour communication- tour briefing
  • Email & Social Media support

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