Classic Gestalt – Workshop 2015

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…offers an atmosphere that allows all of us who join that face-to-face group (of 8 to 15 members) to experiment with body, mind and emotion. Tuning in to yourself and clarifying your life process – as well as actual special job situations – in order to work out alternatives, to enter a stage of life with more joy, cooperation and creative conditions and satisfying relations.

September 11 to 18

The basic idea of the CLASSIC-gestalt-LAB in Tinos

The Human Potential Development / gestalt-concept – following the work of Fritz Perls – intends to increase your level of awareness about the many daily moments, when you take care for your needs and in the same: respect others and integrate into your company, the social system, of which you are a part.

During the weeklong work practice of on-the-job-situations, guided exercises and processing individual topics will offer a frame for the path, that each of us is going. Individual aspects of handling your limited “Greek life” may give opportunities to learn about the way you do it in your stage of living and the way you are – in your back home reality. Becoming a “whole” person is defined as an ongoing process of integration.

As the expert of your lifestyle and your job-surroundings, you may know best about the options you choose – as part of the daily routines and the exceptional highlights of being in this world. Many trendy options are in the market, to turn life and work into action rooms with new dimensions. It is a basic quest to decide, what basic philosophy guides your day and your company life – and which of the many short time trends may just be another set of multitasking inefficient activities.

As facilitators of the classic-workshop 2015 our experiences in the preceding years and the respectful, warm and cooperative way to handle ourselves and the members of the workshop group form a basis of trustful and intensive solidarity.

Looking forward to facilitate your activities, experiments and high lights within our interactions in a joyful and supportive climate

The daily two action-groups take place in form of a

  • gestalt-work group (on dreams, pictures, etc) &
  • a work group, taking care for practical needs of the lab duties. Your Choices help us form the groups.

hpd-gestalt work is in some ways a training: “as if …”

…and the facilitator`s job is to be a transformer, who brings “talk-talk-situations” into moments of action, experiment and experience.

A classic setting – as realized in the US-west-coast ESALEN institute is a work-study program. Students and trainees build teams and work groups – in the frame of the real work to “ keep going the daily jobs” of the institution; and this frame becomes the stage of all the routines, self-understanding and interactive repertoires of the workshop partners, who are – by this set up – in a surrounding, “as if they live and learn on the job”.

After work, there are moments to relax, enjoy the Island, the Aegean Sea and the company of peers.

Open gestalt sessions in the later part of the days offer opportunities to evaluate own actions and interactive processes – in order to increase the level of awareness; self-awareness, social competence as well as body, mind and emotion aspects give access to check own way of being and doing.

Awareness is a way to give access to take over more responsibility for one`s own life and for the world.

350,- € (EURO)      per person

– Regular participation fee (workshop)

Does not include:
– Flight from Manila to Athens
– Bus transportation from Athens airport to port of Rafina / 2 ticket (go and return) – 6 €
– Ferry boat from Rafina to Tinos – 50 € (25 € per way)
– Accommodations and meals:
Twin sharing: 220 € per person
Single occ: 285 € per person
covers 7 nights accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, and transfers from Tinos Harbor to Mantalou Institute and back.


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