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Why Europe is always a great idea

For budding travellers, joining Europe tour packages is a dream to fulfil. For seasoned jetsetters, Europe never ceases to amaze – there are always places to see, people to meet, and experiences to cherish a lifetime. There’s a world of places to see in that continent. Despite recent news headlines in the continent, these are isolated cases, and there’s still so much more to see.

Travellers looking to go to Europe for the first time, or for globetrotters who want to go back, it’s already common knowledge that truly enjoying the journey will happen only with a trustworthy travel partner you can count on every step of the way.

Europamundo is a playful amalgam of Europe, and Mundo – the Spanish/Portuguese/Tagalog word for the world. And it offers what it says; Europe, the World, and its name that guarantees quality and reliable services, ensuring all you have to worry about are which angles to take your photos from. Its decades of experience in providing memorable tours and impeccable service to the broad spectrum of travellers – from budget-conscious, to the most demanding, ensures there is a trip for everyone.

The tours are segmented by neighbouring countries and arranged in a way that balances comfort and value-for-money to all travellers. Trips are not too crammed, nor are they too stretched out that the journey becomes underwhelming.

Going around the Europe is also made easier due in large part to the Schengen visa. With it, travellers can see some of the most famous sites in the world – particularly in Western Europe; Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia, and the Canals of Venice, to name a few. For those who already went there and are looking for a change in scenery, Eastern Europe is a magical place to see, particularly Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia; the latter being home to scenic spots of the critically acclaimed series, Game of Thrones.

Enjoy the most affordable and most flexible Europamundo Tour Packages!

Looking for Europe tour packages has never been this easy and never been this so affordable. In partnership with Europamundo, we present to you over 3,000+ departure dates to over 20 country destinations in Europe and all over the globe.


Our Europe tours are very much different from the major tour operators around Europe and the world, to put it simply, almost all your wish is our command!

  • We are flexible

Choose from thousands of departure dates, or join a tour in the middle of it. Want to skip a tour? Extend more days in a specific city within the itinerary? Want to travel on a portion of the itinerary? Yes, yes, and yes! You can do all these! Customize your trip, as if you were not joining a seat-in-coach tour. No other travel operators can do this!
  • All departures: GUARANTEED!

All the tours will operate and push through even if it is just you and your travel companion. No cancellation will occur just because we did not meet the minimum number of participants. Enjoy the peace of mind in preparing your travel holiday from start to finish.
  • Complete tour package in every itinerary

Worried which optional tour to take? Where will you have dinner tonight? Take away all those fuss because each itinerary is packed with a city tour for each city destination and is already part of the package. Almost every day there is a pre-arranged itinerary for you to go to. In the evening, there is a free shuttle transfer to the city center so you could have dinner in your new favorite restaurant or a famous cafe in the city that you’ve seen in the movies.
  • Senior Citizen Discount

Travelers ages 65 and above can enjoy 5% discount on Europamundo Tour Packages only.

For reservations or more information about this tour, please contact us on any of the following:

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