About Us

PIRKKO & TROY TOURS, INC. is a travel agency that has provided memorable and convenient travel services to corporate, institutional and individual clients for fifteen years.

Established by Mrs. Marissa Cos Alcantara, Ph. D., a former career travel agent, and Mr. Luzmindo Alcantara, a former career hotelier; their vast experiences, network, and knowledge in the travel and tourism industry have made the agency a trustworthy travel provider.

Over the years, the agency has expanded from providing local and international leisure tours, to pilgrimages, dive tours, worldwide cruises, as well as team-building services.

A member of the Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) and recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT), as well as the Cultural Affairs and Tourism Office of Pasig, these affiliations add to the credentials of the agency to be able to provide quality service to your company.



…traveling in appreciation of GOD’s beautiful and bountiful creations


As inspired and driven by the following core values:

  • Commitment to every passenger’s needs
  • Hard work and excellence
  • Trust, honesty and responsibility in dealing with passengers, airlines, tour operators and all suppliers
  • Team spirit
  • Family first
  • Pride in being a Filipino
  • Establish long term friendship with clients and suppliers


Mission (Core Purpose)

To provide our clients with comfortable, safe and accurate services according to our vision.

“Pilgrimage Tours as an Opportunity Towards Deeper Spirituality in life”

Marissa Cos Alcantara, Ph.D.



Member and Accredited by:

Department of Tourism: PhilippinesMember:Philippine Travel Agencies Association Department of Tourism: Philippines


SAIDI Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute

Graduate School of Organization Development


Institute of Spirituality in Asia


Organizational Development Professionals Network Philippines