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Conference tours to europeBreak away from the usual local hotel or conference hall venues and set your next conference or meetings in Europe. Bring more opportunity to your annual gathering as your group travel to places, focus more on what you need to talk about, set an intimate atmosphere to all attendees, and still get a chance to experience unique cultures available at your destination and shop at the best stores.

Mix and match your itinerary from dozens of city choices and destinations. Set your conference with the Eiffel tower as your backdrop, enjoy shopping around Paris and finally enjoy a luscious dinner with wine and cheese.

How much does it cost?

The cost and investment levels vary depending on the number of participants and the destination. Our quotation/proposal will include the airfare, accommodations, transfers from city to city, tours and meals (as requested).

Can we add a tour for our group during the conference?

Yes, you can include tours or activities within the itinerary and work around your budget. Mix and match tours and activities that you think your group enjoy.


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