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Pirkko & Troy Tours, Inc team building and activities focuses on improving employee morale and team productivity, while our destination team building doubles as an incentive tour. Our activities offer fresh ideas and out of the usual “team building” events. We don’t simply offer regular “team outing” as we focus more on activities that develops team camaraderie, improve communication and increasing productivity. Building Genuine Team Work and creating successful team players are our passion.

Our speakers, facilitators and marshals are very well fluent in English and Tagalog, and are flexible in running your activity. Our activities are unique and the intensity level varies depending on your team dynamics and requirement.

Corregidor Adventure Team Building ActivityCorregidor Adventure

Enjoy the world famous reality TV series “Amazing Race”…in Corregidor! The rock in the middle of Manila Bay will be your team’s battle ground, sail in as travelers, sail back to Manila as winners.

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Team Building Activity Bangkok and Chang Mai Bangkok

Travel to Thailand and embark on an adventure at the streets of Bangkok. A wide variety of activities awaits your group, learning more about each other as each one in the team enjoy a wild and exotic experience.

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Team Building Activity CruisesTeam Building on a Cruise

Sail away to distant lands with nothing left to do on board but enjoy the company of your group, work around the facilities and experience every adventure in each city/port of call.

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Island Breakout Team Building ActivityIsland Breakout

A surviving tribe is a successful team, so what better way to build a team than turning them into tribes and get them head-to-head with physical and mental challenges.

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D-Code Training Team Building ActivityD-Code Training

Send your team to an extreme mental exercise through solving puzzles and code breaking!

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Art Orchestra Team Building ActivityArt Orchestra

Explore your team’s outstanding performance through art. Very minimal physical activity, with tons of take away.

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Titanic Project Team Building ActivityTitanic Project

Sink or swim, teams race to the finish line building their own cardboard boat, sail it and paddle towards the end, claiming victory as the unsinkable group.

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Jumbojet Project Team Building ActivityJumbojet Project

Send your team soaring high in this exciting cardboard plane building activity. Elevate the team’s performance in this engaging program.

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Straw Bridges Team Building ActivityStraw Bridges

Bridge the gap between the individuals in the team through this gravity defying program. Cross corporate boundaries and have your team striving for excellence.

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Straw Bridges Team Building ActivityCustom activity

Let us help you customize your amazing Team Building event!

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Investment Level

Our team building destinations and activities have different investment levels depending on the number of your group, the destination and availability during the time you wish to hold the activity.

The proposals that we send for Corregidor Adventure, our Team Building in Bangkok and on a Cruise would include transportation to the event/activity location which may include the ferry, airfare, transfers from and to the airport, and accommodations. For our Team building activities, please note that these are activities only and does not include accommodations or transfer from your office to the venue.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Team Building

Do you have other activities other than this? Yes, we offer other activities depending on the requirements and the nature of the company. If you are looking for an activity other than the programs shown above, get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to customize a program for you. We can also customize an employee training program with specific learning outcomes.

Where do you run your activities? We’ve run team building activities all over the country, mostly at the client’s office conference hall or within the company grounds. We are flexible in any location where our services and activities need us.

Do you have a venue to run your activities? We don’t have the facility to host groups for our activities, but we are flexible in running our activities wherever possible.



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