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Visa assistance online is hard to find and some are not quite helpful. It’s a dilemma for those who have bought budget airline tickets and promo hotel rooms online, after all, preparing valid documents for entry to countries that require visa for Filipino citizens are after all, the responsibility of the passenger. But worry no more, if you have already purchased or still in the process of purchasing an airline tickets and hotel accommodations online, and is in need of a visa, get in touch with any of our visa assistance specialist. We are more than happy to assist you.


Air TravelWe assist in applications for:

  • US tourist visa
  • UK tourist visa
  • Schengen tourist visa
  • Australia tourist visa
  • New Zealand tourist visa
  • China tourist visa
  • Korea tourist visa
  • Japan tourist visa
  • Taiwan tourist visa
  • Dubai tourist visa

and most tourist visas with embassies and/or consulates in Metro Manila.


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Some visa application websites contain generic information, that when you apply on your own, even if you have followed the requirements up to the last letter stated online, your documents seem to be still incomplete. There are no pages that offer consultation and the person behind their hotline number doesn’t seem to entertain you. Our visa assistance specialist will guide you through step by step with the process of applying your visa.

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You may have applied for a visa before and have been denied of a tourist visa without the visa officer explaining to you why. Our visa assistance specialists will explain to you what documents will help strengthen your application and get a greater chance of getting your tourist visa.

To get started with the visa assistance and application, click here or contact us via:

Phone: (Metro Manila) (02) 687 5206 or 667 3445

email: or


*Disclaimer: Our visa assistance services does not guarantee approval and the approval of your tourist visa is at the discretion of the visa officer of the concerned embassy or consulate.


Want to join a tour that does not require a visa? Join a Holyland tour and never to worry about visa application. Philippine passport holders are allowed to enter and stay in Israel for up to 30 days. Jordan and Egypt requires a visa, but traveling as a group will get you a group visa with no requirements needed! Just a scanned copy of your passport.