Visa Assistance

documentWe’re here to guide you on how to get a visa and ensure to walk you through all the way from visa application, booking your trip, departing, and up to your return back to the Philippines. We charge an amount of P 1,500.00* as visa document assessment fees, and then we start assisting you from there, checking what you need and ensuring that you have all that is required to lodge your application.






We are all about convenience. The fee you will pay will go to a lot more than just assessing your documents and ensuring its completeness. Here are the reasons and benefits you can get from our services:


No need to research and less time preparing necessary documents

Scratching your head on how to get visa? We are here and will provide you with the most updated list of requirements so you don’t need to visit the embassy or lose your way in the internet searching for the latest list. We will advise you when to request documents from banks, hotels and flights so you don’t need to pay extra fees in re-procuring those documents.


One stop shop

We can provide airline and hotel bookings, tours and detailed itinerary for your application. It can serve as your actual booking after your visa has been granted. Reservations have minimal or no cancellation fees, cutting costs for your wallet.


Assistance with special situations and provide coaching in interviews

We always customize our services based on each application’s needs and situations. No matter what the condition, we can always provide solutions to ensure that when you apply for a tourist visa, you will have the best chance of getting it. We also provide coaching for visa interviews, questions and answers based on years of experience assisting previous applicants. We too have went through the same process and have applied to most, if not all, embassies in Manila and will share our experience to you.




If you have a PayPal account or credit card, you can make a payment today and get the requirements via email. Click on the “Pay Now” button below and fill up the information. Please make sure to “Add” your name and embassy you are applying for in the “Add special instructions to the seller:” (at the bottom of the form).

If you wish to pay in cash or Bank deposit, please contact us or visit our office at Unit 210 Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. cor Garnet St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

How It Works

  1. Pay the visa assistance fee online or through other payment options
  2. A visa consultation expert will email you with your concern
  3. We will ask what documents you have regarding the application or documents you already provided if you have applied before and got denied.
  4. We will review and assess your documents
  5. We will request from you additional documents that will help you with your application
  6. Once we are satisfied that your application and documents will be able to grant you a visa when filed, we will course you through the step by step in filing for the visa (including coaching if necessary).

*Please note that the visa assistance fee is non-refundable as soon as a communication has started between you and any of our visa consultation experts (How it Works #2).